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Long day of appointments

Title says it all.  I had two back to back doc appointments today.  One a follow up to the second foot surgery I had (Last May).  That one went well and I won’t have to see the doctor again unless the foot bothers me OR I need the hardware out (I’ll have to write up the whole foot saga at some point).
And the second appointment was to check if my new blood pressure meds are working.  And they ARE thank goodness.  So now I don’t have to see that doctor for three months, kinda nice lol.


Feeling kinda anxious and whatnot but otherwise not bad.  The boys had a hard time falling asleep, but are FINALLY quiet now, and my daughter is with my MIL.


I wanted to pop in so I didn’t miss posting. 🙂  And it is TECHNICALLY still Friday so this totally counts.


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