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Can’t I just hide?

I just want to hide.  Be left alone.  

I don’t want to be in the same room with anyone.  At this point as horrible as this makes me that includes my DH and children.

I could ALMOST handle speaking with people…..if I had to.  

I don’t want to do anything but curl up and go to bed but I can’t do that at this point because the children have not yet fallen asleep.

I wouldn’t even say that I feel depressed.  I just feel ridiculously anti-social.




3 thoughts on “Can’t I just hide?

    • Wishing you better days ahead as well. I have my first appt with my “shrink” person. The one who will take a look at what meds I am on and tweak them accordingly.

      I’m glad you found solace in the fact that there are others like us.

      The pain isn’t always on the outside, and sometimes you may walk around with a smile on your face and cry inside. And other times you don’t have the strength of will to do even that.

      I get you. If you ever want to rant/vent/ or as I tell my therapist “word vomit” lol feel free to do so


      • Awwww… This made my morning! Thank you “Alice”. Warms my heart to know I’ve got someone to rant to.. someone who’s a SAHM and keeping it real.. You can count on me to be back to your posts for more 😉 It’s a pleasure reading your posts & keep it going.. Take care. – JBA

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