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The “first” fight……

The first fight I “witnessed”   I didn’t see at all.  I heard EVERYTHING though.  Well most everything.

At the time my dad and step mom lived in a studio type apartment.  The only separate room was the bathroom.   They’d sleep on a daybed and my brother and I shared an air mattress on the floor, each in our own sleeping bags.

One night I awoke to “fighting”.  You know the kind of hushed whispers of people who are fighting but trying NOT to be heard?

Well thankfully I was ALL the way in the sleeping bag, it was SOOO hot and stuffy I can so vividly remember it.  I can also vividly remember being SOOO afraid of being found out to be awake.  Because I had heard my dad tell my stepmom that if SHE woke us up she’d be in trouble or he’d kill her or something awful.  I can’t remember for sure.

At one point in the fight he actually came over and lifted the edge of my sleeping bag up.  The fresh air, while it should have been refreshing was terrifying.  Would he buy  my possum act?  Thankfully he replaced the sleeping bag and somehow I fell asleep.

Only a bit later I woke up to giggling and whatnot.  Apparently they had “made up”.

This is one of the first real fights I remember.  I wish I could say it was the worst or the last.  But it was neither………


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