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The Stalkie

Also something from back in the day.

The Stalkie

I look around

but no one is there.

A car passing by gives me a scare.

I avoid the shadows and embrace the light.

Ready to run, ready to fight.

I’m existing, not living,

his ever present eyes unforgiving.

It’s as if I’m in a hellish nightmare.

walking through life in utter fear.

Fear for the fall of his knife

which will tear thru my flesh

and put an end to my life.

But would it not be better that way?

Better I not stay on this world

existing, rather than living each day,

consumed by my fears.

I watch, I wonder, I wait.

Why does he hesitate?

He’s taken my soul,

he’s taken my pride.

All I am now is an empty shell,

living in my own personal hell.


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