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Holy wow. I’m back. Many apologies.

Wow I had a sick kiddo, the SAME kiddo had a horrid cough, then a horrible tummy flu then an horrid ear infection.

My youngest and myself got the tummy bug a bit.


I have SOOO been a slacker.  For this I apologize.

I hope to stay back on the blog wagon.

It is awesome to have gotten new followers and comments in my absence.

Saw my shrink lady for a follow up.  We went off the Elevil.  It was giving me HORRID dry mouth and as a result I had two bouts with thrush.  NOT fun.  So I’m on amibien now.  OMG when the lady said don’t take it unless one foot is in bed she was not lying.  And I’m pretty “immune” to stuff like that.
Also and I’ll post its own post, I’m OFF xanax.  I’ll explain more in said Xanax post.

I am however on ativan.

I also have an appt with a neurologist.  I have daily (almost) headaches.  The only thing that seems to help is vicodin, which the doctor is hesitant to give me as many as *I* feel I need.  And also Fioricet which at the very least is a barbituate.  It can be a narcotic if it has codeine.  (mine does NOT)



Also my son(the poor sickie mentioned above)  have appts to be screened for ADHD.  His is also going to include screenings for depression, anxiety, and any other learning type disorder.

My lack of posting very well could be one long SQUIRREL moment.  And anyone who has had a “squirrel” moment knows of what I speak 🙂




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