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The little things…..

There were little fights.  Little clues.  Nuances of what was to come in the relationship between my dad and my first stepmother.
Like once when we went out to dinner, everything was fine and dandy until he “caught her” looking at a black guy.  He thought she was making eyes at him from across the restaurant.

He didn’t let her have a car or job(probably mentioned that but not sure).

There was one time the four of us (them my brother and I) were shopping.  She did something to piss him off, and then went ahead of us out of the store.  I was all of maybe thirteen ish, and I pushed the cart for a while following them.  Then I just grabbed my brother and ran out of the store after them.

We came out to see keys being thrown, and him grabbing her by the hair.

There were other such “small” incidents that happened.  If we only knew how bad it would get……


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