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Yesterdays Appointment.

It went fairly well.

She took me off xanax.  She doesn’t like it because it peaks to fast, and doesn’t last long so you take more etc.

She put me on ativan. Up to three times a day if need, 

She also upped my zoloft to 150mg daily, 200mg before AF(aka my period) shows up (which she is irregular, so the shrink said to take the 200mg on days when I need it.

She upped my elavil to 25mg at night and kept my Wellbutrin the same.  She advised taking it farther away from when I actually go to bed as it can make you have issues sleeping.

She wants to see me in a month or so.

It sounded as if she was dancing around the notion that I may have ADD, but I guess you need to present symptoms by age seven or something?  I still think I may have ADD traits, but who knows.

She just classified me as having generalized anxiety and depression.


So that’s that.  Hopefully today can go smoothly and quietly lol.  Ya right. 😛


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