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Am I wearing an emotional “kick me” sign?

That is totally how I felt yesterday.  It just seemed like I could please no one, that I was making people angry and upset, and every time I turned around it seemed like I was really and truly pissing people off.

By the end of the day I just felt worthless.

**upcoming trigger perhaps**




I really really had the urge to hurt myself.   I didn’t.  but I really felt like I wanted to.  I’m starting to try to hone in on the times when I want to SI so I can figure out what my personal triggers are.

At any rate I see the shrink today.  WEWT.  Only took four months to get in.  I’m hoping they can not only tweak my meds, but explain to my DH that sometimes no matter how hard you try to smile your way through things, you NEED meds, because something is chemically skewed in your noggin.


Anyways time to get my eldest(my daughter) ready for school. 

Maybe with the early start I’ll get in TWO posts today lol.




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