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A mostly productive day.

I got the boys rooms finished….well not mopped but picked up and all that.  It looks less like a holding cell for inmates and more like a boys room.

I also swept and mopped the living room, well most of it lol.  Hey it is a rather large area.

I got the Dishwasher going, and once that’s done I got another load ready to go.

I’m feeling fairly well today.  Had to take a couple of xanax cause the kids were just fraying my nerves.  I’m wonder if I should inquire to the shrink about something else I could take to really calm down cause frankly the xanax doesn’t always do the trick.

And speaking of shrinks I get to see mine tomorrow after a LONG four month wait lol.  I’m also hoping there is some sort of pill or something that is like an anti xanax.  You know something to perk you up when all you want to do is curl in a ball and hide from the world.

Yeah I know I “rely” alot on pills, and I’m working on non-pharmaceutical options, deep breathing etc etc.


AT any rate, anyone else out there in cyber land have anything similar?  Anything to vent?  Whatever come on by and post.  I’m happy to see followers, likes and comments.  So thank you so much for taking the time to read my sometimes lengthy posts 🙂




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