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I’m still here….

It has been a crazy week and a half or so.  Multiple doc appts, my older son had his bday then we did a joint big party at Chuck E Cheeses.

From the get go my DH was acting like a super douche.  He came in the door all ready to jet.  I hadn’t gotten dressed yet, but at the very least I pulled out clothes for the two who can’t themselves and made sure they were ready(except socks and shoes, as they will immediately take them off so I put that off till the last minute.)


Then he accused me of being on drugs cause apparently I was “out of it”  Yes I did take xanax as soon as we got there cause HELLO too many people and stress and blah.

Then I have to drive him to the arena to see a hockey game. JOY so I get to be home with hyped up kids.  NICE.

My daughter’s friend gets picked up and then I start  “mom sleeping” on the couch (you know where you “sleep” but any noise or severe LACK of noise gets your attention.  Well when DH comes home I tried to help out or something but he told me to just go to bed.  I told him I was fine to sit on the couch with him, but he said I was out of it.

And I’ll grant you it was a bit fuzzy at that point.  Has anyone else had that?  Being kinda fuzzy and “out of it”  You don’t realize it until you look back.  I can’t imagine it is the xanax I’ve taken that before without that reaction.

I just don’t know if DH was sending me to bed to be nice or cause he was miffed at me.  *shrug*.


On one hand I feel I’m getting better.  On the other I think I’m getting worse.  I have no idea.


Anyways yeah I’d love to hear from those with similar situations/experiences.


I will try to post more frequently again.  Scouts honor.


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