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Good hours, bad hours.

Lately it seems like I haven’t had good days bad days, so much as good hours bad hours.

It is SOOO hard to explain to someone else, how you can be feeling “fine” during the day but just a total wreck by the evening.  
That you can’t just pull yourself up by the bootstraps.  Not always.

Le sigh.

AT any rate it is Tuesday for those of you like me who have a hard time remember what the hell day of the week it is.

Gonna take “Little man” to school today, if a huge water main break doesn’t end up closing it down.

Little man had a GREAT day at school yesterday so that was awesome. I hope we can go for another great day today.

I’ve gotten the dishwasher unloaded and loaded, got a few more things to clean in the kitchen and a quick wipe down of the bathroom.  Then I’ll have to start another project.  If I can get everything to a maintenance level and then MAINTAIN it I should be good.


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