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My fault

I woke up feeling marginally better than when I went to sleep.  It just seems like many of the things that I say are wrong.  Many of the things I DO are wrong, and then when I get an apology, it makes me feel worse because it is like not really an apology.  (confused yet)  The type where at the end you are left feeling worse than before you got said apology.

*sigh*  I love my DH, I can’t imagine my life without him, but it seems like whenever I think things are going okay he doesn’t and when he does i don’t.  

And anytime I think things are going great either they aren’t, or I’m not quite living up to expectations.

Feelings such as those above do NOT help the feelings which I’ve had recently.  Sometimes hard to believe you’re worth something when so much conflicting information is being sent your way. 

“things are great!”
“Things aren’t so good could be better” 
“you’re doing wonderfully”
“You don’t do enough” 


On the “bright” side I cleaned the bathroom again.  Been spot cleaning it throughout the week so today’s “full clean” didn’t require a hazmat suit.  Joy of joys.

Is it super said that cleaning the bathroom is a bright side?  lol



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