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Not right

…that’s the best way to describe how I feel at this moment I guess.  But even then it isn’t right. Early I was on cloud nine.  Things were going great.

Now all of a sudden I’m nervous, fidgety, sad, anxious, weepy, all in waves. 

This blows.  I’d say more than just being plain old depressed, but well that sucks I think more.

I can’t wait until the end of the month when I can see my shrink type person.  I’m really hoping all I need to get thru this bullshit is a tweak of my meds.  

I’m really tired of feeling forever broken.  


One thought on “Not right

  1. i so totally understand! have had this entire week like this. This morning i journal ed like i do daily and asked GOD (my higher power) WHY??? Why am i feeling this. I waited for an answer, and basically i received that I wasn’t turning my turmoil over to HIM and I needed to just be where I am for now. Hours later, for the first time all week, i had the energy to actually get up and accomplish something. I hope you feel lifted soon as well!

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