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You can’t win…

You know the feeling when you’ve done certain things around the house, but then the DH  comes home and the first thing he says is “today would be a good day to get some stuff done”  As if what you did do was nothing.  

THEN when you mention the fact that you did do “xyz” HE gets huffy because you didn’t let him GET to that part.  How about START with that part.  Jeez.

The day went mostly smooth.  The kitchen is acceptable, the magnet for crap I mean island is cleared from crafts, and I did a quick wipe down of the bathroom to get it from hopefully taking on that lovely “Port A John” smell.  Blech.  Hopefully the boys will learn to aim better soon.

Soooooo so far that is the day.  Soon my DD will be picked up by my inlaws, then it will just be DH and the boys and I here.  Hopefully the tension between DH and I can subside some and we can have a good night. 🙂


How was everyone else’s day?  Anyone else get torrential amounts of snow or otherwise crazy weather?


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