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Well I tried the soft music in lieu of a movie at bedtime, that did not go well.  Perhaps starting that on a night when DH wasn’t here to help and I had a headache NOT a good idea.  

We did do a few crafts, trying to get through to my youngest, the “blond terrorist” that the crayons need to stay at the table.

The little blond is also the one fighting sleep the most, i only have to assume my little man is sleeping as I have not heard from him.  And my daughter is in her room.  

So all is almost quiet.  I haven’t had dinner yet, not sure I will.  *shrug*

Kinda feeling like I’m starting to head into funk zone again, which SUCKS.  I was on the “hyper” side of things yesterday, to the point where my therapist noticed lol.


Anyways HOPEFULLY this is goodnight.  


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