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Almost Friday

I didn’t get on yesterday, had a counseling appoint for myself.  Then had to make a run to Walmart.

We spent a lot of time in my appt talking about my little man.  I think I’m going to set up an appt for him to speak with  my lady (who also deals with kids)  to see if there is something else we can be doing for him to reel in his behavior.

Most of the time he is great.  A typical five year old.  But he lacks the ability to stop at just getting mad.  

All of us get mad, sometimes REALLY mad, but he goes from mad to a blind rage way too quickly and it is hard to control him when he does.  Cause let’s face it most five year olds, kids in general really, think that any time they don’t get their way is a slight against them and a horrible thing.

Today is his last day of school for the week.  I have to dig out the car get us bundled up and drop him (and the behavior form thingy) off at school today

Hopefully today’s pick up will go well, and we can get something set in place for him, and help him before his behavior actually becomes a big big problem.

I got some crafty stuff at the store, and am going to try to work more with all the kids here on behavior, and routine, and rewards for doing well (getting to do arts and crafts before dinner for example)  Get our life back into a good routine after the cluster of a mess it was during the last year when I was laid up.


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