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Be mindful of whom you breed with….

I’m sure people take many things into consideration when finding someone to date, move in with, marry, procreate with.  Religion, political beliefs, hobbies, whether they are a toilet paper over, or under person (which by the way is a VERY big deal), etc etc.

However one thing many people don’t think about is whether your future mate is a morning person or not.  Not I’ll grant you those times in the pre-spawn era won’t be so bad.  Adults can for the most part be mindful of others and respect one another’s sleep patterns.

However take heed my friends.  If you breed with a morning person, you may in fact spawn forth MORE morning people.

As a “not such a morning person” person, I can attest to this first hand.  My daughter is growing out of this phase and is my level of “grump” in the morning.  Not completely bitchy, just the kind of “let me wake up a minute before you bombard me with, phone calls, math problems or something as easy as pouring cereal”.

However my two boys.  Ahhhh they take after their father.  When they are up they are beaming, and perky and ready, willing, and able to get in trouble.

And do they ever.  A few months back I had to, (at the crisp hour of 8am when I hadn’t been awake for more than an hour tops), pull a tack from my youngest foot.  Where did he find that?  Who knows?!  But find it he did.
And it wasn’t one of those colorful push pins that protrude up.  Ohh nay nay.  It was one with a completely flat head.  So it was pushed into his foot flush with the skin.

Yeah a non-morning person should not have to shimmy her nail between the tack and her sons foot at ANY point in the morning, but most especially not before massive amounts of caffeine.

But remove it I did because I love my children.  Had that been my foot I’d have left it in…called an ambulance, or at the very least waited for DH to come home 12-14 hours later to remove it.  ICK.

At any rate, the moral of this story is watch who you breed with….or you may have to learn to deal with mornings.  And while the morning itself may not be the issue you may have to deal with the PERKINESS that accompanies morning people.

Get me up at three, or four or five whatever am number you choose, that’s fine.  Just please for my sake, don’t smile and be all “ra ra  ra” about it or you MAY just find something hard thrown at you 😛


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