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An hour until PreK drop off….

Once again today is a PreK day for my “little man”.  

He started the year off so well, much better than we expected/dreamed.  As I said he has always been a willful, spirited, okay fine I’ll cut the crap, he is a stubborn little butt sometimes.  Doesn’t mean I love him any less but that’s the skinny.


Anyways, I’m hoping he has a good day at school.  Yesterday he had to be taken out of the room by the principle.  I don’t think any amount of good behavior today will allow us to skip this whole sit down discussion that’s coming up,  nor should it.  I want my little man to have the best possible school experience, and to succeed and use his innate brilliance to excel at all things.  And with this anger, this inability to control himself when he gets mad, he will be denied that.

Just really SUCK timing to have this all come to a head when I’m trying to get out of my lastest mildly depressive few days.  *sigh*

Wish us/him/the teachers luck today. Hopefully all goes well.  If not it may end up with yet more tears shed…not by him, but me.


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