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So it begins….well sort of.

OBVIOUSLY things didn’t start today!  But for purposes of blogging this is where it starts.

What I want this blog to be?  Well I’d like to receive book offers, and speaking engagements, meet Matt Lauer, and just wrack in the booku bucks while spewing forth whatever inane thoughts pop into my head.

What?  Oh sorry was off on a tangent.

Really I just wanted a place where I could show what it is like to REALLY be a SAHM. (Stay at home mom for those not in the “know”).  And by that I’m not saying this is a how to guide on raising the perfect kids.  HA!  Far from it.

There may not be a lot of “Here is how to become June Cleaver” type articles.  You know the types that make you feel as if you’ll NEVER be good enough?  The ones that leave you wanting to throw your mouse at the writer screaming LIAR! Yup probably not a lot of that.

I do hope to grow as a SAHM (not in width, or weight, but spiritually and all the happy crap).  Hopefully reel in my kids, get my life organized (mostly) and share that even if you don’t get things perfect, that doesn’t mean you have failed.

Here I’m going to post the ups, and the downs.  The crazy, and the mundane.  I hope this  place is one where common sense, information, and lots of humor can meet….

….and if in the end my purty face ends up on the Today Show….well you know then that’s a bonus.


One thought on “So it begins….well sort of.

  1. I was a stay at home mom until my then 4 year old basically said,”Mom, you bore me!” so i went back out into the world. Now as a grandmother ,I’ve gone back home and am now keeping a 19 month old. So, let’s see what you have and good luck!

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