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Now entering the blah zone.

As I stated in the background section.  (only Waldo knows where to find it I’m still working the kinks out of this blog so y’all will have to hang with  me), I’ve been recently dealing with anxiety, and depression.  As well as a bout of self injury.  Nothing like I did in the past, but one bout was enough.

At any rate, I’ve started to see a counselor, in part cause myself and my DH needed help as we had hit a rough patch, and also cause in order to see a shrink to get my meds fine tuned I need to see a counselor first.  My general practitioner prescribed Zoloft, Wellbutrin, and Xanax, along with Elavil(not in a dose that would qualify it as an anti-depressant but more of a sleep aid/pain relief).  
While these tend to work depending on the time of the month (you ladies know what I’m talking about and probably many men do too :P)  and just whatever else, the meds tend to not always work so well and I’ll enter a funk.

I am/was in a “nice” little few day funk.  Trying to claw my way out.  THEN I go to pick my son up from preK and get yet another “bad day” report.

He is very stubborn and has anger and self control issues.  He is SUPREMELY bright, but his behavior can be atrocious.

So the school, teachers, principles social worker etc and I believe us will have a meeting sometime soon to discuss a plan of action.

I feel like such a failure as a mother.  I’m not sure if the last year where I was essentially unable to parent due to  my foot injury has something to do with this or what.  I know genetically from both my and my husbands families he has a predisposition for bad tempers and poor impulse control.  

*sigh* Not the “lift” I needed to get out of this funk.  And I was actually proud of myself for decontaminating  the bathroom (another post all together) and for once FINISHING a room, and getting it under control.

Seems like when I take one step forward fate comes and chucks my ass about a mile backwards.

Hopefully the night will go better and tomorrow will be a new day and hopefully an easier one.


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